There are some people I’d like to mention here for making this trip especially amazing!

My study abroad group who are not only my classmates, but now my friends as well. You guys are so much fun to travel with!

My UC professors, Dr. Guan, Dr. Ayres, and Dr. Zhang, who displayed great leadership and guidance for us during our stay.

The French UB students and faculty who were both wonderful hosts to us and great company! Thanks again for showing us around Bordeaux.

UC International for making this trip possible and helping us rearrange our travels when our flight was cancelled.

All of my French teachers from middle school to high school. You helped to fuel my enthusiasm to learn French and were the reason I could better appreciate the culture while I was there.

My parents for supporting my many aspirations in life (including this one haha)

And to the readers of this blog, thank you for stopping by to check out my adventures. 🙂