mmexport1489881240848Purpose: Tackling Global Problems Through International Collaborative Science (Faculty-Led)

The main purpose of our faculty-led study abroad trip was to work together in groups with French students on a collaborative science project in Bordeaux, France. We then presented our projects at the University of Bordeaux chemistry symposium. We also participated in many cultural activities as well as seeing faculty seminars, research facilities, and French science classes.

Why do I want to go to France?

Well, this calls for storytime then!

When I was in middle school, I chose Spanish as my foreign language. But, I got placed in French instead. Fortunately , I was not too disappointed when I began to attend French class and realized I really loved it. Forward to high school, I eagerly took AP French classes and really had a chance to develop my conversational, reading, and writing skills. I began to dream of visiting the country that I had studied for many years.

In college, I never thought I would be going to France anytime soon. By chance, I came across a flyer with a study abroad program for science majors to go to France. I was ecstatic by the thought of combining my interests of science and French into a singular experience. It almost seemed like the program was tailored specifically for me. I awaited a response to my application, and before I knew it, I found myself on the phone telling my parents that I was going to France!

Tackling Collaborative Lights Building