Day 6: Taking the TGV to Paris

Saturday March 18th-Sunday March 19th 2017

TGV to Paris

After our trip to the Arcachon, we had about thirty minutes to finish packing our luggage and leave for the train station. Luckily, I had already packed the majority of my stuff the night before. I locked the door to the room and dropped the keys in the mailbox in the lobby. Farewell Ténéo hotel!

Professor Bobet and the French students were waiting outside for us. I joined my hotel roomies, and we packed our luggage into the back of Guillaume’s car. After fiddling with his GPS and figuring out how to get there, we finally got on the right route to get there.

Guillaume dropped us off at a street across from the train station and said he’d meet us there after he parked his car. We took our stuff and crossed the street to join the others who were waiting for us.

Inside, we received our train tickets in the lobby of the station. I peered out the window where you could see the trains. There was a sudden fanfare of whistles, and one of the trains prepared for departure.

Before we entered the main terminal, Guillaume and some other French students came to tell us goodbye. I was so sad to leave them– we had such a fantastic time together. I already knew it would be hard to return to normal life without them around. 😦 I noticed that my peers have already picked up on the French greeting of “faire la bise”, so I felt it was appropriate to do the quick two cheek kisses in addition to a hug before we said goodbye.

Inside the train station
Me and my sandwich 😛

We roamed the train station for some food and to kill time before our departure time. Once it was time to board, we found our platforms and went inside the train. We got to have seats in the upper level of the train, which was so much more spacious than the plane. We even got collapsible tables. The whistles blew, and the train began to move.

I slept like a baby on the train. It was a four hour trip. But I much preferred it over the plane since my ears didn’t pop every few minutes, and I could actually fall asleep! And there was reclining chairs, yes!! I also appreciated the amount of leg space I got. 🙂


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