Day 3: French Food vs American Food

Wednesday, March 15th 2017

Baguette, fromage, vin… and Cheetos?

In the evening, we went to the chemistry building to join the French students for some authentic French food tasting. They had brought with them an array of foods to taste– an assortment of cheeses, some jam, saucisson, pâté, cakes, and of course, baguettes and wine. I mingled around to talk to more of them as they were preparing the foods. I laughed seeing that Aloïs was in charge of slicing the most foul-smelling cheese on the table (camembert) and waving her hand in attempt to fan away the scent. Other students were drawing a map of France on the whiteboard and labeling where the all of the foods originated from. They came not only from Bordeaux, but other places as well such as Bretagne.

The preparation of French food ^_^

Actually, some of us from UC brought American snacks for our partners to try. Since the occasion of exchanging food was occurring, we decided to combine our snacks and set up a last-minute American food table: Girl Scout cookies, beef jerky, Cheez-Its, Cheetos, and American candies. It was pretty amusing to see that all we did was throw our multi-colored packaged snacks on the table in a matter of seconds while the French students were still working hard to cut up the saucisson and baguettes.

…And our very sophisticated American food haha XD

Finally, it was time to grab our plates and try some food! I could definitely recall tasting some of the French foods before during high school and middle school when I was studying French. It was refreshing to eat them again in their country of origin this time as well as trying some new things, of course! I’d say my favorite was the foul-smelling camembert on a slice of baguette shockingly (who said it’s fair to judge a food by their smell?), and the cherry jam was tasty too.

So, what did they think of our American snacks? I was pleasantly surprised to see that they liked some of the things that we brought. One of them really liked the Reese’s cups for sure. And the Cracker Jacks. I learned before the trip that peanut butter wasn’t really a common item in France (including the flavor itself). I think they found the Girl Scout cookies and beef jerky to be especially strange. Wait until they come to Cincinnati… I thought.

First Bar in Bordeaux

That evening, we went to LeVrette café to unwind after a long day. It was totally packed and had this crazy, rambunctious feel to it.

To be honest, I didn’t really know what the meaning of levrette was until one of us casually asked the French students, and they laughed. The music was loud, so I couldn’t catch what they told my UC peers except that it made their eyes widen in shock. And then Aloïs suddenly bends one of us over as an obvious example, and then I discovered exactly what levrette meant… Doggystyle.  😳

I ordered a goblet of cherry beer, which tasted really great. I was impressed by the bartender who could somehow maneuver a tower of glasses that was at least a foot above her head across the room. And on top of that, around drunk people.

As much as we were having a great time, the tram to our hotel would stop running around 12:30am. Most of us really did not want to miss it, so we tried to leave early to ensure that we’d make it in time. Unfortunately, we did miss the last stop, so guess what? Yeah, we had to walk all the way back to our hotel. XD So about 2 miles.

I didn’t mind it too much. The night was pleasant, and we had more time to hang out and get to know each other better during the one hour walk. It was a very memorable walk full of jokes and antics.




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