Day 2: Downtown at Night

Tuesday, March 14th 2017

Downtown Bordeaux

Relieved with our presentations finished, some of us decided to head downtown for some food and sightseeing. Again, we took the tram, but this time our stop was Le Grand Théâtre. It was here that I learned that the specific area we were staying in was a commune known as Talence.

I couldn’t help but stare outside as the tram continued from stop to stop. There were so many small cafés, pâtisseries, and shops in the streets. We began to reach the areas with more prominent, gorgeous architecture. One of our French students, Chris, explained to us the significance of the cathedrals and buildings.

Eventually, we reached our destination and got off the tram. And wow, was it a beautiful night out. ❤


Right behind us was apparently Gordon Ramsay’s Bordeaux restaurant and across from that, Philippe Etchebest’s restaurant (he does the French version of Kitchen Nightmares). We wandered around looking for a pizza place to eat. But when we arrived, there was already a padlock on the door XD so it was closed.

The French students took us down a street known as Rue Sainte-Catherine, which is the longest pedestrian shopping street in all of Europe. The streets were well illuminated by the business signs, cars, and street lights adorning from above. We approached a Thai restaurant and decided unanimously that we would get food there and carry it somewhere else to eat.

Place de la Bourse and Sherlock Holmes

One the places I anticipated the most to see is called Place de la Bourse, which features an almost surreal reflecting water pool (miroir d’eau). Aloïs told me we’d be eating our food there, and I might have reacted with a little bit too much excitement haha. As we approached some steps, there was no water in the pool. I assumed they probably turn it off when the weather was cold. Nonetheless, it was absolutely breathtaking. And just when it couldn’t be even better, I was in awe by this huge blood red moon that was situated right above the river. I almost didn’t believe it was real for a second.

The blood red moon above the river

We ate our food under the moon and joked to each other about how we were eating Thai food in France. After, we headed to an English pub called Sherlock Holmes. I couldn’t help but think, Elementary, my dear Watson. So, in America, I never really went out to bars (plus I just became 21 not too long ago). Of course, in Europe, there isn’t that same strict age restriction as in America. I think you only have to be 16+ to drink in France.    

I ordered probably my first drink ever at a bar. Crazy, I know. It was a London stout. I didn’t think I liked beer, but it was good. We gathered around and just had a great time talking about all sorts of things. And watched some football (not American football :P). I love how everyone was having fun socializing and feeling relaxed after a day of hardwork at the symposium.




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