Day 0 & 1: Bienvenue à Bordeaux!

Sunday March 12th-Monday March 13th, 2017

The Flight

Years after taking my AP French classes in high school, I found myself packing for what would be a most memorable spring break in Bordeaux. I didn’t have much time to pack, so I did the best I could and headed to the airport.

The plane ride to Paris was going to be a whopping 8 ½ hours—a lot longer than my usual flights to Canada. It was also going to be strange for me to be riding the plane without my parents for the first time in my life, as funny as that sounds.

So, the plane was a lot larger than I expected! There were 3 main rows of seats. Unfamiliar with the plan of the plane, I stumbled across and took my seat near the aisle.

After watching 2 movies, eating 2 meals, and sleeping for around an hour, this 8 hour plane ride passed by with ease.  I never had a meal on a plane before in my life, let alone two of them! It was much more than the usually pretzels I was used to receiving, so I was more than happy to dig in. I grabbed my luggage and left with the upbeat music of La La Land still playing in my head.

We didn’t stick around in Paris for very long. After passing security and customs, we made it to the gate for Bordeaux with only a couple minutes to spare. With an easy one hour flight, my group and I could hardly contain our excitement about France and well, getting a nice cold shower too. 😛



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